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Hi everyone! :wave:

A while back I did an interview with Aquila Style and we chatted about digital art and its impact on today societies.

Here is the full article: 

Currently we are living in digital age and technology is shaping the way with live. Digital art opens new doorways that are not possible with traditional media.  However, traditional methods are hard to replicate digitally.

A lot of people complain that digital art is not real art as you cannot compare to the feeling of creating something new and unique with a traditional piece of work. This argument is futile. In art, there are several branches of art. I believe that traditional and digital art can exists in harmony under the visual art section.

With the rise of digital art there is amazing art in all areas, but there is also mediocre art as well. The artist makes or breaks the work, not the medium. With art it is not the craftsmanship but the substance.

I think the issue that digital art has brought is that young artists are skipping some of the foundation knowledge in art. Islamic calligraphy, which is regarded as the highest pinnacle in Islamic art, is being treated as simple clip art. With the explosion of online galleries, there is a lot of digital art work being produced these days. Artists are painting on the computer more than ever, so there is plenty of digital paintings to compare who has good knowledge base or not.

The computer is just a just tool that the artist uses for canvas. If you take away the human element that uses programs to create digital art then the art would not exist.  Take away the computer and the artist is still an artist. He doesn't need the computer for his creativity and imagination process but it is just his tool of choice.

Negativity towards digital art is nothing new. When John Lassetter, CEO of Pixar, began to introduce 3D-generated animation to Disney, he got a lot of abuse and other animators practically laughed him out of the room. However, that didn’t change his mind and he has inspired and changed the way Hollywood treats animated films.

You could argue that the digital age has set things back a little as artists because younger artists have become dependent on computers. However it is not the computer that is the issue but the mentality of the user.

Digital artists still need to know about lighting, composition, and colour theory. You need good hand to eye coordination, drawing abilities, imagination, and creativity. Many digital paintings can take 30 or more actual man-hours to paint just like traditional art.

I have learned how to use both traditional art work and digital tools. I use the software to import my sketches and edit them. I can also, with the aid of computer software, create complex geometric pattern that otherwise would have taken days. So the computer is a very important tool in my creative process, just as it is with millions of other artists.

Another advantage is that digital art can also be done collaboratively using the internet. This is a huge benefit for those who need to collaborate on big art projects.

With the software available and the right direction, you have a gateway to an unlimited source of creativity with endless possibilities for artists of all kinds. The digital age has definitely been a positive addition to the artists process, and its here to stay.

However, in the end it isn't the program or effort that goes into a piece or even how amazing a piece looks that matters. All that matters, all that ever matters is how it moves the viewer.

Take care watchers!!! :wave:

Asalaamu alaikum = Peace be upon you!

Check out some of my prints –

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4 deviants said Not sure
2 deviants said Love it!!! :la:
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Thoughts on Jared Leto as the new Joker?
4 deviants said Not sure
2 deviants said Love it!!! :la:
2 deviants said I don't know what you are talking about.
1 deviant said Hate it!
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